All-Star Exercises…

The Superbowl is this Sunday, and, in the spirit of the the BIG GAME, today’s “Workout Wednesday post,” is all about getting an all-star workout.

Team sports traditionally use  body weight excercises including  calisthenic, interval DRILLS, & plyometrics to work the body. Think back to your HS gym class, track & field, and of course, football practice. Most gyms and personal trainers will tell you that interval training and drills are key to getting and staying fit. The NFL coaches and trainers use drills to condition and increase their players performance. So how can you get the same results? Simple I’ve gathered a few of my favorites, from old sessions with my personal trainer, and the article “Train Like a Pro” from Mens Health Magazine featuring Perfomance Coach Todd Durkin.

Equipment Needed: Yoga Mat

Optional: Medicine Ball, Fitness Step, Drill Ladder

Perform each excersize in order, rest 3-5 minutes between sets, 3 to 4 sets total.


1. Jumping Jacks (25 ea.)


2. Mountain Climbers (preform at a quick pace for 3mins)


3. Quick Feet (12-15 ea.)


4. Push-ups (12-15 ea.)


5. Burpees (15 ea.)


6. Jumping Lunges (total 30) (switching legs)


7. Step-ups with knee lift (alternating R and L perform 20 ea side)


8. Russian Twists (sitting on the mat with bent lifted legs)

russian twist with medicine ball

9. Squat Jumps (10-12 ea.)


10. Hand Stand (against wall hold 1 min)


Keep up the good work and you’ll be a pro in no time!





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