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It always feels strange to me when Christmas falls in the middle of the week. Just when you get back into a rhythm, it starts all over again the following week with New Year’s. For some, Christmas Day is a sun up to sun down day filled with family visits, gift exchanging, and tons of EATING. YIKES!! If you woke up this morning feeling tired, sluggish, or even worse ladies… bloated, you’re not alone. In fact, I would bet many people are feeling the same way you do. Myself included. In tonights post I’ll share with you, a few of my favorite, and totally unscientific, tips & tricks to help you get back on track before the New Year’s Eve’s countdown.
1. Re-Hydrate…
Salt can wreak havoc on your  waist line and worse, shows up on your face.  Re- hydrating is the key to flushing out your system so don’t wait another moment…grab a glass or a bottle and start drinking that H2O. Plus adding a some fresh lemon will help speed up the process. I always have some lemon juice on hand for these types of emergencies.
2. Steer clear of alcohol for at least 2-3 days…
All that sugar will just continue to make you feel sluggish. I make a conscious effort to skip my favorite Skinny Girl Sangria when I’m noticing the bloat on my face and below my navel.
3. Try to get 20-30 minutes of cardio, and simple stretching in for 2-3 days prior to an event…
Here’s a list of my favorite tone up and flush out moves.
small arm circles (30 each direction)
– push- up to plank (12 each side) 2-3x’s
– mountain climbers ( 20-25) 2x’s
– walking lunges (circumference of living room) 3x’s
– Pilates moves for the tummy
– the roll up (12 reps) 2x’s
– simple stretches and breathing (down-dog regular & wide stance) 10 -12 mins
4. Exfoliate & Moisturize
Use a gentle scrub to exfoliate any dead skin or toxins being released from your pores.  This will not only prevent blemishes , it increases circulation giving your complexion a rosy glow.  Always remember to moisturize with your favorite cream after exfoliating anywhere on your body.
5. Whiten your teeth…
Use a whitening tooth paste or strips (2-3x’s) leading up to your event.
And last but not least fake a golden glow & look 5 lbs slimmer…
6. Apply self tanner…Do NOT go to the TANNING SALON…I repeat DO NOT go to the TANNING SALON!
I know that most of you hate the smell of self tanner and the hassle to apply it, but I have a few NO FAIL tricks that will make you a pro in no time flat. You will need a pair of nitrile non-latex gloves ( no powder). (1) latex make-up sponge, your daily moisturizer of choice (face & body), and (1) old t-shirt and PJ bottoms.
-St. Tropez self tanning bronzing mouse or lotion.
– prep skin with moisturizer, apply heavy to knees, ankles, feet, elbows, tops of hands.
– put on gloves
– start at the ankles & apply mouse or lotion in long sweeping stokes all the way up to panty line and repeat on other leg
– next start from the neck down and apply product on the chest, bust, and stomach.
– from the back of the neck down apply product across back and shoulder area working down to the low back. (you can use the mitt for hard to reach back area)
– next start from the wrist and apply product up the arm, be sure to apply to entire arm and shoulder area. Lightly apply tanner to area around arm pit…this is crucial for a natural look and repeat on the other arm.
– apply a small amount of facial moisturizer into your hand and one pump of tanner, mix creams together and apply with a light touch all over your face.
– apply a small amount to back of right hand and rub backs of hands together.
– final step, apply tanner to make-up sponge and apply to tops of the foot, toes, and back of ankles.
– let product dry fro 10-15 mins before putting on old clothes.
– shower off excess tanner in AM to reveal a natural glow.
Hope you enjoyed my sure file ways to detox and prep NYE!

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