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Here at BDG, I  get a variety questions about where I shop, how I style my outfits, and the beauty products I use. Christmas and New Year’s Eve  are right around the corner and the most common question I get is “what should I wear to all the holiday parties I have to attend?” For this reason, I have decided to dedicate this post and all future Thursday posts to answering your fashion & styling dilemmas.  I’ll share some my favorite styling tricks, shopping tips, and no fail beauty how-to’s.  Today’s Tip: When in doubt wear a Dress Simple right? Wrong! The eternal quest for the perfect dress is something women have been searching for since the beginning of time. Every season, I’m on the hunt for this illusive perfect dress, and every year I find another perfect dress to add to my inventory. It’s awell- known fact that most women dress for other women, and we women, tend to remember a great dress. So what’s a girl to do? Well, don’t break the bank, that’s certainly not what I’m suggesting. I’m all for purchasing investment pieces that are classic and timeless, like a great LBD.  The one dress that will never go out of style and (fingers crossed) always fit. Every woman should have a LDB in their closet, even more than one if possible. And with just a few changes you can transform that dress. But if you are like me, and have the same holiday party each year with the same people you may want to go for something new. So instead of investing in new accessories to transform your LBD why not take advantage of some great sales going on in your own neck of the woods. It’s the perfect time of the year to score some great deals in-store and online, plus if you can buy a new dress on SALE, well that’s just the icing on the cake! For all my local readers, here’s a great sale that you don’t want to miss. Today ONLY all cocktail dresses are 50% off. Check out a few of the cocktail dresses available now at Bella Jules boutique! Black sequin dress velvet-primrose-dress-4   s1769mxe_navy-multi_default_large   m1552mxe_gold-natural_default_large   ark-co-black-gold-lace-dress-13   Not localclick here to see the latest online sales from some of my favorite brands. xo, BDG

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