“Glamazon Zombie”

Happy belated Halloween!!!!

Zombie Halloween!! Every year my husband and I host a “theme” Halloween party at our house. We started this tradition 8 years ago when we moved from our condo into a single home! Our past themes have included Disco, SNL, Superheroes & Villains, Famous Musicians, Vampires, Sci-Fi, and Roaring Twenties! This year the theme was […]

What’s new pussycat??

Since my first glimpse of the whimsical Charlotte Olympia Tessa kitty wedges, I have been obsessing over them!!! Extremely tortured by the high $$$$ price tag, I did what any seasoned shopaholic would do…I began my quest!!  Searching countless designer discounted websites, eBay, amazon, gilt, etc… only to find the full price beauties at every […]

Boho Goddess inspiration…OOTD!!!


MAKEUP MONDAY BIBA’S “DUDU” BIRD (clipped to polyvore.com)

Fall has arrived…Happy October!!!

Today marks the offical launch of the bestdressedginger blog…Whoo hooo!! Fall is by far my favorite season of the year and it’s finally arrived! I love seeing the leaves change colors and the sounds I here as I open my front door in the morning…you know that little hush of wind as it brushes over the […]

Outfit Inspiration!!! OOTD

Outfit Inspiration!!! by elaine-fioravanti featuring elizabeth and james