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Do you think Personal Stylists are only for celebrities? Or that you could never afford to hire a personal stylist? NOT TRUE!

Whether you are busy professional or work from home, you deserve to look and feel your best every day. If you can afford to get your hair done, treat yourself to 1-hour massage, or take a yoga class…you too can afford to hire a personal stylist.

Local Stylist Elaine Fioravanti of Best Dressed Ginger can help you look your best in any situation. With over twenty years in the retail and fashion industry, the one-time fashion designer turned stylist can solve all your fashion and wardrobe needs.

Personal Styling Services Available:

  • Initial Consultation: Elaine will meet with you and discuss you’re immediate or long-term styling needs and determine the best plan of action for you. 
  • Client Assessment: During your Initial Consultation, Elaine will provide you with Client Assessment Questionnaire, to better understand your individual style. You will be asked to answer a series of questions about your daily life and types of activities or events that you regularly participate in or attend. 
  • Body Type
  • Closet Editing:
  • Personal Shopping: