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For the fashionista looking to add style and save some dollars an investment in denim is a wise choice. There are plenty of options for quality designer brand denims to choose from. Many of my favorite brands have a variety of sizes and washes and have an impeccable fit. Today’s post is for all who plan to or have made the move to better denim. To prolong the life of the designer jeans, washing and care tips are in order. A few of these tips are my own and some I found on other blogs and from other denim aficionados.


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#1 Never wash your jeans in HOT WATER!!!

Most better brands put their denim through extensive  washing and shrinking cycles before stitching the jeans together. And then they are washed again before sending to the stores.  And, still, some of you will wash them again anyway before wearing them because we are accustomed to washing new clothes before wearing.

So #2 is to add ½ cup of vinegar to that first wash to seal in the color.

For those of you that will insist on washing them before your first wear, try this technique I found from Katja Presnal of recommends adding a 1 cup of regular household white vinegar to cold water and wash jeans in delicate cycle to seal in the color. No detergent needed.

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#3 Air them out between wears and washings!

Hanging your jeans outside is the equivalent on tossing them into the freshen up mode on the dryer but without the intense heat that can cause thinning of the denim. I like to give them a quick spray with Febreze and drape them on a my deck chairs outside. A clothes line works best but if you don’t have one them get creative.

#4 Dry Clean them ONLY if you must!

For many years I was a dry clean freak! I always had my jeans dry cleaned. It wasn’t till later that I discovered that there were no real benefits for extending the life of the jeans. Now if you are traveling in Europe and wear the same two pair of jeans for 2 weeks, YES have them cleaned if you feel they are grimy. Then I started using an all organic Dry cleaning service for my jeans. It may sound like a SCAM, but believe me it’s a whole different world. There are still chemicals used to launder the clothes but it’s softer with no chemical smell

#5 Freeze your jeans to clean them.

This is a technique that I just came across a few days ago from a true denim addict. I thought it sounded a little far out until I googled it and apparently all of the DENIMites are using this method. Check out this post from Maxwell Ryan of apartment therapy. He breaks the process down here

image from aparment blog

image from aparment blog


However you decide to care for your denim remember to handle them with care and always use cold water.

Till next time!

xo, BDG

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