Fall has arrived…Happy October!!!

Today marks the offical launch of the bestdressedginger blog…Whoo hooo!!
Fall is by far my favorite season of the year and it’s finally arrived! I love seeing the leaves change colors and the sounds I here as I open my front door in the morning…you know that little hush of wind as it brushes over the fall landscape… I love it!!
With the arrival of Fall the only thing on my mind is fall fashion, and the options this season are endless.  From rocker chic meets boho hipster to tailored and body conscious looks, there is something for everyone. The colors are rich in jewel tones and everything from leather jackets & dresses, to platform pumps adorned with studs. Coats and vests made of real & faux fur, handbags in all shapes and sizes, AND boots…lots and lots of boots!!!!
At this point you may be dizzy with all the glorious options, but fear not my fellow shoppers help is here! You alone have the power to choose as few… (or in my case as many) of the fall trends you decide to weave into your exsisting wardrobe.  This week I will focus on a few of these fun looks to help inspire you this fall!!!