Fashion Icon Friday…Mad Men!

The television show Mad Men premiered in 2007 and instantly gained a cult following. Set in 1960’s Manhattan NYC, the show depicts the professional and personal lives of the men and women at the advertising agency, Sterling Cooper.

The shows follow the trials and tribulations of the Donald Draper, played by Jon Hamm. Draper is an advertising executive with a murky and questionable past that unfolds in the early episodes of the show. Supported by an extensive cast of characters viewers are transported to another time in history. Picture rows of sexy females sitting behind electric typewriters wearing tight sweaters, and stopping only to take a drag from their cigarettes. While the Ad Men smooshed clients and made deals over with cocktails and dinner.

This Sunday kicks off the series finale with the first of the FINAL six episodes.

Here at BDG we are BIG fans of the show. So, in true BDG fashion, we decided to share a few stylish images, of the cast from seasons past.




Style: "Mad Men"


And stay tuned for more on the Mad Men style icons, aka Betty, Don, Joni, Peggy, Pete, a my favorite…Roger Sterling!!


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