Halloween Costumes…

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year. This year there are a variety of popular themes that the “big box” costume stores are promoting. Often these options are expensive and the overall quality of the garment is poor. As a devote fan of “dressing up” I admittedly put quite bit of thought into my costume choices.  The top five factors and questions I consider to determine my costume choice before I begin my search.

  1. Themes: Is there a theme to the party and if so what who are the characters? This is sometimes more important when I am the host, however many people are beginning to follow a theme for

2. Event: Host or attendee

3. Cost: What is your budget? This cost varies for me personally depending on the party. If I am the one hosting I definetly spend more on my costume. However,  always have a max dollar amount that I will relistically spend.

4. Time: How much my time do I have to DIY portions of the costume.

5. D.I.Y: What do I already have in my closet that I can use?

In the past, I have hosted many Halloween parties, and for the most part, I was able to piece together things from my closet along with the pieces from store-bought costumes and accessories.

Let’s take a look at some DIY/ store bought costumes that make the grade.


Untitled #44


The party I attended this year was an Arkhan Inspired theme, so whats a crazy cat lady go as Cat women!!
img_7699 img_7702