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Emerson by Jackie Fraser-Swan- RTW Fall 2014

Designer Jackie Fraser-Swan turned to her favorite music and colors for inspiration when creating her Fall 2014 Emerson collection. The designer believes in staying true to her design esthetic and philosophy. She often makes most of her design decisions based on gut instincts. The wife and mother of 4 started her company in 2010. Since that time, she has been placed on fashion insiders radar.



This season she produced a collection of wearable, and VERY COOL, hardcore, but feminine punk clothes. Two unique prints were designed for the collection. The first was a plaid print in black, white, and lavender. The second print in navy, white, and grey was described as “the glass ceiling, ” by the designer. Jackie experimented with different fabrics and textures, to achieve the effect of “shatter glass” on dresses, tops, and skirts. Sheer sleeves on dresses and skirt hems add another flirty touch to plaid jumpers worn with Dr. Martens.







Jackie collaborated with Miss Pop and nail giant Essie to make 3 distinct nail looks guided by the fabrics, colors, and prints in the collection. Shattered Mirror, Negative Space Knit, and Eclipse looked ultra cool and edgy. Jorge Luis, made messy unkempt braids with lavender streaks using hair chalk.

Emerson By Jackie Fraser-Swan - Backstage - Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring 2014


Plaid dresses, sequin sweatshirts, and Dr. Martens…Now if only CBGB’s was still open!

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