It All Started with the Wrap Dress

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Sitting at her desk at her Manhattan office

Today’s Fashion Icon is a woman that everyone knows, not just the fashionistas, The Queen of the wrap dress, Diane Von Furstenberg.

Diane gained initial notoriety when she married price Egon Von Furstenberg in 1969. Once they got married, she chose to start her career, so that she would have something of her own to contribute.


Pictured with ex-husband Prince Ego Von Furstenberg heir to the Fiat automotive empire

In 1974 she began designing her own collection of womenswear, and registered her brand with the seventh avenue fashion directory, and fashion week. After relocating to New York, she met the famed Vogue editor Diana Vreeland. When young pregnant designer Von Furstenberg rolled a rack full of wrap dresses into the offices at Vogue magazine, she found she had a huge fan in Ms. Vreeland.


To honor the ubiquitous dress that launch her career in the fashion industry, Diane Von Furstenberg marks the 40 year birthday of the Wrap Dress. The exhibition titled “The Journey of the Dress” opened in LA in January and runs till April 2014.



“The Journey of the Dress” exhibition in Los Angles



Immortalized by Any Warhol


Diane Von Furstenberg’s “wrap dress” is the opposite of the “power suit,” but it’s impact on pop culture is undeniable. The two changed the face of American fashion for women. Smart professional women were  no longer forced to dress like a man to be taken seriously. Women were suddenly “empowered” to dress like a woman and think like a man. In 1976, the designer was featured wearing the wrap dress on the cover of Newsweek magazine, a cover that was originally aimed at Gerald Ford, who had just won the Republic primary.


1976 cover of Newsweek

Even the master of pop art, Andy Warhol, captured the legendary designer in the beginning of her career, and once again in the mid 1980’s. The two were close and the designer continues to collaborate on projects with the Andy Warhol Foundation.

And an added bonus, the designer and the dress have even been immortalized by my favorite doll, Barbie.


Barbie loves a great DVF wrap dress!


Congratulations on 40 years…here’s to many more!







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