Leading Men….Part One

It’s Fashion Icon Friday here at BDG and to celebrate #NYFW Men’s starting Monday, I put together a collage that highlights the impeccable style of Hollywoods most stylish leading men!

Leonardo DiCaprio…a.k.a Leo The Great

Yes, that’s right, Leo is first on my list of stylish men, and those that know me personally will understand why he is NUMERO UNO! In addition to his stellar looks and superb acting chops, he’s a philanthropist and champions for a variety of charities.


Robert Redford…a.k.a The Sundance Kid

Robert Redford

George Clooney…a.k.a The Man’s ManClooney

Colin Farrell…a.k.a The Bad Boy


Robert De Niro…a.k.a The Mystery Man

De Niro

I mean really who doesn’t love these men?!

Stay tuned for Leading Men…Part 2