OOTD…Mix and Mingle!!

Mix it up....

Mix it up…

The art of mixing prints with patterns may seem like a daunting task for some, but fear not help is here. I have complied a list a Dos and Don’ts that will inspire you to mix it up!!
Pick one print or patterned item from your closet and build your combination around that piece.
Keep the print and pattern in the same color family if this is your first attempt in mixing:)
Be mindful when pairing small and large prints and patterns…example: I paired a large floral print skirt with a small patterned blouse.
If you are not completely confident with your combination, add a pop of color to break up the pairing. In this look I added the bright yellow sweater over the blouse because it’s sheer and rather chilly in PA these days!! This layering technique is the perfect way to pull the entire look together..and stay warm!:)
Dress head to toe print and pattern…example: print or pattern tights would be overkill with this look.
Don’t pair unseasonable fabrics together even if you love the print. Stay in season…most 100% cotton gingham or seersucker fabrics can be difficult to translate in winter. The only exception is in blouses or oxfords layered under with another seasonable fabric:)
Keep these simple tips in mind…and you will be on your way to creating new and interesting combinations in your wardrobe!!!