Packing for #NYFW…

To pack or not to pack? That is the question.

Over the years I have been a bit of an over packer. A girl needs options, you know? Even now I struggle with what to take along to the most fashionable stage in the world this week. I’m talking about New York fashion week, of course! A daunting task even for this best dressed ginger. The mild weather allows me to avoid having to pack all my coats and boots and hats allowing room for all my shoes, accessories and other necessities. Distressed jeans, faux leather “anything” and it girl dresses are a must pack. So what should any self-respecting BDG do? Get a bigger suitcase of course!

Off to the Big Apple...

Off to the Big Apple…

Tune in for my daily #OOTD pics and posts from #NYFW.

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