Playing Dress-Up with Kailee…

This past Tuesday I had an amazing styling experience playing dress-up with Kailee Baxter. Kailee is 12 years old and a cancer survivor. The photo shoot was a generous donation from Tania Colamarino of Ama Photography. Tania had heard about her story from a relative of Kailee’s.

September 20, 2013 marked the 1 year anniversary of her bone marrow transplant and 1 year remission. In celebration of Kailee winning her battle, she was treated to a superstar glam photo session. She was a little shy when she first stepped onto the set, but in no time, she was working the camera like a natural. Looking charming & sweet in the “chanel inspired” ensemble, this look was all about over the top girly glamour. Dressed in a vintage sequin & tulle skirt and simple cropped cardi, I piled on the jewelry and accessories to complete her look. Kailee is the first “GINGER”other than myself  to be featured on the BDG Blog, and is a bi-monthly feature I’ve been dying to add to my blog. Kailee was the perfect choice with her gorgeous strawberry blonde curls and fair skin. She reminded me of a cross between Shirley Temple and Molly Ringwald.

Shirley Temple


Kailee is a very special girl that I’m grateful I had a chance to meet and work with.

Cheers to Kailee…YOU ROCKED IT!!!





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