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Finally there is a company that has super stylish frames that are affordable, even for those of us with an astigmatism.  Hello…WARBY PARKER!

I got my first pair of glasses at age 4. Back then stylish frames did not exist and wearing glasses was considered a social curse. Of course at four years old, I wasn’t aware of the significance, my eye-site, or lack there of, would play in my life. What I did know, was that I was one of a small group of children, that had to wear glasses in pre-school. So at four years old years old I was a freckled face, ginger (carrot top) with glasses to boot. YIKES can someone say awkward…that was me. LOL!

Image of me from 4th grade...I think? Rocking my head to toe purple outfit and rose colored frame glasses!

Image of me from 4th grade…I think? Rocking a head to toe purple outfit & rose colored glasses! I have always been fashion girl..& a cat lover!

Nowadays, wearing glasses is considered cool. In fact, some people just wear them without a prescription, because they like the way they look in them..and because they think it makes them look smarter.

The Marcel in Plum Marblewood

The Marcel in Plum Marblewood

I’ve been a fan of the brand since I purchased my first pair of Whiskey Tortoise Prestons in 2012. Since that time, I’ve had the opportunity to hear Neil Blumenthal, one of the four founders, speak at the 2013 Independent Fashion Bloggers Conference held in NYC, and of course, I wore my glasses especially for the occasion.  Recently I received an email from their PR department that was genuine and complimentary, and it truely made my week. 

This spring the Warby Parker launched two spring collections introducing eight new shapes and six new colors. The Palm Canyon Collection updates some of the brands most popular frames in a new colors.

The other genius thing they have do is offer the at Home Try-On program. By paying just $1.00, you get to choose five different styles to try for a week in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Warby Parker believes in giving back to the community. The DO GOOD project is the philanthropic aspect of their business. The concept is simple, for every pair of glasses purchased, they provide a pair to someone in need. Now that’s what I call paying it forward. You Rock…Warby Parker!

Bravo,  keep up the great work!

The Quimby in Absinthe... "Prescription Sunnies"

The Quimby in Absinthe…
“Prescription Sunnies”

I can see clearly now...and be Stylish!

I could’ve used a pair from the spectrum-sun collection in this picture…



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