Trendy Tuesday: A Little Puppy Love

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For this month’s Trendy Tuesday, I just could not resist showing off this adorable graphic tee! I know BDG is a cat lover to the max, but this little English bulldog puppy is just about as cute as it gets. The graphic tee trend is so fun and easy to work into your spring and summer wardrobe. Paired here with a flirty skirt, the tee adds a playful punch to an otherwise polished outfit. I picked up mine on an impulse at Marshall’s for about $15, and I have already found so many ways to work it. And if you happened to notice–yes, those are rhinestones on this little pup’s nose and eyes. Adorable and fabulous, can’t beat it.

Lauren Snyder
Temple University Marketing Student
Style Guru at CollegeFashionista

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