Welcome 2015! New Year & the hottest color is…

Introducing… Marsala!
A few weeks ago Pantone announced the 2015 “Color of the Year.”

The rich full- bodied color is a welcomed change from recent years. Marsala is a gorgeous color for fashion, beauty, and when used as an accent color in the home. My initial response to the color was a bit lackluster. It wasn’t until I realized that my only aversion to the color was the name. MARSALA? Well, while it’s not one of my favorite names, the color is undeniably wearable and gorgeous, and I plan to inject into my wardrobe.
So in honor of the New Year and the hope of things to come I compiled some of my favorite Marsala colored images and items! How will you inject Marsala into your new year?

Pantone Color of the Year for 2015


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