What’s your hat personality?

This is the second part of my look at The Bollman Hat Company and their online website hats.com….

Hats.com is the online retailer that is maintained and operated out of the headquarters in Adamstown Pa. The website features the brands and products the company manufactures in addition to their private label brands. Recently, the site introduced apparel and other accessories such as gloves, bags, scarves, and socks.
The website sells all of the brands made by the Bollman Hat Company.
Featuring categories for men, women, and children there is something for everyone. Styles range from bowlers and berets to fedoras and Floppy hat styles.
In addition to the classic styles and fashion caps they sell, the company makes also makes outdoor and sports hats. Moreover, the company has been making the headwear for the United States Olympic team for six a total of six Olympic Games.
A few months back the creative team at hats.com reached to me to model a few of their new and classic hat styles. I have worked with the team at Bollman Hats (a.k.a) hats.com in the past. This season I had the opportunity to not only model representing my fashion blog, bestdressedginger.com, but I also chose my favorite hat styles to be featured on their website.
The idea behind the team’s campaign this season was inspired by different types of personalities.
The personality types and looks I modeled were “the fashionista,” the traveler,” the classic look,” and “the golfer.”


One of my favorite things about freelance fashion styling is getting to work with different brands, photographers, and editorial teams to creating different looks that accentuate their products.
Hats.com is by far one of my favorite teams to work with, and better still is the quality they put into their products. Check out a few of the looks from the campaign.




Till next time!